The Timothy T. Day Foundation is proud to be associated with many outstanding charitable organizations – particularly those that:

  • Provide support to Marines and the United States Marine Corps; and
  • Provide care for abused and abandoned dogs in the rescue community.

These organizations have benefited greatly from the generosity of Tim and Sandy Day and the Timothy T. Day Foundation through a variety of contributions and projects.

The Mission of the Foundation reflects Tim Day’s philosophies, beliefs, and values that have been forged by his critical life experiences.  Tim joined the Marine Corps after college and attained the rank of Captain – and this experience had a profound influence on his core values, personal traits and character.   Military service caused him to appreciate the positive impact of strong and effective leadership; a commitment to the pursuit of excellence; a highly spirited organizational culture; self-discipline; physical fitness; and mental toughness.  After the Marine Corps, Tim attended Harvard Business School and graduated with an MBA.  The combination of a Marine Corps and Harvard Business School training was extraordinarily powerful and provided unparalleled preparation for high-level responsibilities.  It created a superior foundation of leadership capabilities and business skills that was essential to his future success – and ultimately led to the founding and building of Bar-S Foods Co. This entrepreneurial endeavor produced many valuable lessons involving risk, struggle, and reward – all of which had a deep imprint on Tim’s character and sense of values.