Foundation Board of Directors


Timothy T. Day

Tim Day is the Donor, Chairman and President of the Foundation, the Managing Director of the Day Family Office, and he is recognized as a distinguished entrepreneur, visionary leader, and philanthropist. Tim founded Bar-S Foods Co. in 1981 where he served as Chief Executive Officer for over 30 years, building one of the foremost companies in the processed-meat industry. More information on the life and legacy of Tim can be found throughout this website.

Sandra R. Day

Sandy Day has been married to Tim Day since 1997. Sandy is a Vice President of the Foundation and the Day Family Office, and she oversees all of our animal rescue activities. She is a graduate of Arizona State University and a registered nurse. More information about Sandy can be found throughout this website.

Richard Mallery

Dick Mallery has been a long-time friend and counsel of Tim Day and is Secretary of the Foundation. He is a managing senior partner of Snell & Wilmer. His law practice concentrates on business, real estate, and financial transactions with a current emphasis on medical, genomic and bioscience ventures. Dick is married to Francie Austin, has five children and thirteen grandchildren, and resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated from DePauw University, has a Master’s degree from Cornell University and a law degree from Stanford University.

William Eric C. Gleason

Eric Gleason is Tim’s oldest son and serves as a Master Mariner Officer in the U.S. Merchant Marines. He is married to Michelle N. Gleason, has two sons – Taylor and Eric Samuel – and resides in Villa Park, California. Eric graduated from Maine Maritime Academy.

Leslie D. Pellillo

Leslie Day Pellillo is Chief Operating Officer of The Timothy T. Day Family Office. For more information on Leslie, refer to her biography that can be found in The Day Family Office section.

Timothy T. Day Jr.

Tim Day Jr. is Tim’s middle son and works in for the biotech industry for Gilead Sciences, Inc. in the cardiopulmonary division. He is married to Naia Day, has a step-daughter – Chenay – and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tim graduated from Arizona State University.

Bryan W. Day

Bryan Day is Tim’s youngest son and is a private chef. He is married to Heidi Day, has three children – Samantha, Harrison and Winston – and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bryan graduated from Boston University and the Arizona Culinary Institute.