The Family


Tim Day’s four children serve on the Board of Directors for the Foundation.  Below is some information about each of them and their families.

Eric FamilyWilliam Eric C. Gleason

William Eric Christopher Gleason was born on November 21, 1956, and grew up in Maine.  Eric attended the Maine Maritime Academy where he earned a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering and nautical sciences in 1978.  Upon graduation, he went to sea as a Merchant Marine Officer and spent about 13 years sailing around the world.  Eric rose in rank to Chief Engineer and became qualified to operate very large vessels comparable in size to aircraft carriers.  In the early 1990s, Eric decided to give up his sea-going life and moved to California to become a stockbroker.  Eric settled in Laguna Beach, California, and became involved with a woman named Kim Cooke, who gave birth to their son, William Taylor Anthony Gleason, on July 7, 1994.  Due to the turmoil in the stock markets during the early 2000s, Eric decided to leave his position as a Vice President with Morgan Stanley and resume his career as a Senior Officer in the Merchant Marines.  Given his tenure with the Merchant Marines, he is considered a Master Mariner and is highly regarded in the industry.  Eric married Michelle Murg on July 7, 2001, and they reside in Villa Park, California.  Michelle has had a successful career with Bio-Rad Laboratories selling innovative medical equipment.  On November 25, 2011, she gave birth to their son, Eric Samuel Day Gleason.  Eric and Michelle always find time to appreciate their family and friends on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.


Leslie FamilyLeslie D. Pellillo

Leslie Locke Day was born on August 6, 1959, and was raised in Connecticut.  She attended Boston University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in business in 1981.  Leslie moved to New York City and began her career at Home Box Office (HBO).  After gaining several years of valuable experience in the business world, she attended UCLA Business School in California and received an MBA in 1992.  Upon graduation from UCLA, she worked in San Francisco for a sales promotion company.  In 1995, Leslie joined Bar-S Foods Co. as Director of Marketing.  In 2002, Leslie was made an Officer of the Company as Division Vice President of Marketing and in 2011, she was promoted to Vice President of Marketing.  Leslie married Joseph Pellillo on April 11, 1998.  Joe has had a long fruitful career in real estate where his primary focus is in land acquisition and development.  They have two daughters:  Sophia Locke Pellillo, born on January 23, 2002; and Lily Anna Yi Pellillo, born on July 2, 2004, and adopted from Changzhou, a city in the Jiangsu Province of China.  After working at Bar-S for 18 years, Leslie wanted to spend more time with her family.  She left Bar-S in 2013 and the Pellillo family moved to San Francisco, California to embark on a new journey.  While Leslie appreciated her time off from working, she was thrilled to join the Day Family Office as Chief Operating Officer in August, 2015.  Leslie and her family enjoy spending time with family and friends in Phoenix, Arizona, and Jackson, Wyoming.

Tim Jr FamilyTimothy T. Day, Jr.

Timothy Townley Day, Jr. was born on December 17, 1960, and was raised in Connecticut and Arizona.  He went to Arizona State University and received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the business college in 1984.  Tim’s career focus has been in medical sales and his first job was with G.D. Searle, a large pharmaceutical company.  After gaining about eight years of valuable experience with Searle, he was recruited to a biotech company called Chiron.  In 2007, Tim transitioned his career to a biotech juggernaut, Gilead Sciences, working in their Cardiopulmonary Division.  Gilead’s primary therapeutic focus is antiviral therapies, and in 2015, Tim was promoted to a leadership role in field sales of the HIV Division.  Throughout his career, he has won awards for his achievements as a medical sales professional.  Tim has always had a strong passion for sports cars and motorsports, and in his 30s he started racing competitively in the Radical Cup series.  He has developed into a top-flight driver in the national racing series and has won several championships resulting in a large collection of trophies.  Tim married Naia Blanco on July 18, 2009.  Naia has a daughter named Chenay Kiana Blanco Gladstone, born December 13, 1998, who is another welcomed member of the family.  Naia currently works as a behavioral health technician at Maricopa Medical Center.  Tim and Naia live in Scottsdale, Arizona, and enjoy the outdoors, traveling, fine dining, renovating their home, and socializing with friends.

Bryan FamilyBryan W. Day

Bryan Winslow Day was born on July 16, 1965, and grew up in Connecticut.  He graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1987.  Soon after graduation, Bryan moved to Phoenix, and managed a couple of retail stores for Krause’s Furniture Company for several years.  In 2002, he decided to pursue a long-standing interest in cooking, and enrolled at the Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Bryan’s first job after culinary school was at Roy’s, a well-known international restaurant chain.  He started as an intern for the restaurant, was eventually promoted to Executive Sous Chef, and even earned the “Employee of the Year” award two times.  He left Roy’s to work at a new sports bar that was opening called Wolfley’s.  Bryan worked at Wolfley’s for about two years and wore many hats – he helped create the menu; train the kitchen staff; and was a food expediter.  Bryan also started a small catering business on the side called Scottsdale Supper Club that serviced small intimate dinner parties to large weddings.  For a time being, Bryan was also a personal chef for a few clients that were dealing with major health issues – and this type of work was particularly gratifying since his food was helping these individuals feel better.  Bryan married Heidi Kapfer on October 16, 1999 and they have three children: Samantha Paige Day, born on May 19, 1997; Harrison Benjamin Day, born May 28, 2000; and Winston Morgan Day, born February 6, 2003.  While Bryan and Heidi are no longer together, they are very proud of their children and devote a lot of their energy into helping them realize their full potential.