Giving Back

Tim Day and HBS Fellowship Recipients at MCSF Awards Dinner, 2013

Embodied in the Day Family Mission Statement is a commitment to the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of life, which includes demonstrating kindness and generosity to others, and making significant contributions to our community and country.  Tim is extremely grateful for all the opportunities and experiences bestowed upon him during his life, and as a result, is committed to sharing his financial and personal successes to make a difference in other people’s lives and in our communities.  The Foundation is associated with many outstanding charitable organizations and activities – particularly those that reflect Tim’s philosophies, beliefs, and values that have been forged by his significant life experiences.

Tim is a long-standing supporter of the Marine Corps University Foundation, the Tim and Sandy Day Canine Companions program to assist injured Marines through the Semper Fi Fund, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation (as a Founder), and the schools he attended – Deerfield Academy, Wesleyan University, and Harvard Business School. Some of his most cherished endeavors include funding: the Timothy T. Day Marine Corps Entrepreneur Fellowship at Harvard Business School; the Marine Corps Executive Education Fellowship at Harvard Business School; the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Day Scholars Program; the Semper Fidelis Memorial Chapel at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA; and the Timothy T. Day Overlook in the Semper Fidelis Park in Quantico, VA.

In addition, Tim and his wife, Sandy, have remained deeply interested in supporting animal welfare organizations that help to rescue abused and abandoned dogs such as APARN, PACC911, AGN, and AAC.  In 2014, The Arizona Pet Project organization honored Sandy as their “Human HERO of the Year”, and in 2017, Lost Our Home Pet Rescue awarded Sandy with “The Pet Champion Excellence Award” for the extraordinary contribution she has made to pets in Arizona.

As a result of Tim’s philanthropic endeavors, he has received numerous recognitions.  Back in 1992, Tim established the Arizona Food Industries Circle to benefit City of Hope, and its annual dinner has become the major fundraising and social event for the food industry in Arizona.  Tim was awarded City of Hope’s “Spirit of Life Award” in 1992, and in 2017, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his bringing City of Hope to Arizona, he received the award a second time.  Tim was honored by the American Meat Institute in 2001 as the recipient of the “Edward C. Jones Community Service Award” for his support of many communities where Bar-S facilities and offices were located.  He has also received numerous awards and honors due to his ongoing commitment to Marines and the Marine Corps.  Tim has been the Guest of Honor Speaker for the Marine Corps Birthday on several occasions including: the Phoenix Luncheon Committee in 2007; at the Marine Corps League – Old Breed Detachment in Phoenix, AZ, in 2009; the 6th Engineer Support Battalion, Company C in Phoenix, AZ, in 2011; the Recruiting Station in Phoenix, AZ, in 2012; the Marine Corps League – Cooper State Detachment in Prescott, AZ, in 2013; the Marine Aircraft Group 14 in Cherry Point, NC, in 2013; the Marine Aircraft Group 24 in Kaneohe Bay, HI, in 2017; and the Recruiting Station in Phoenix, AZ, in 2017.  During 2012, Tim was the Guest of Honor Speaker for another significant event – the Marine Corps Arizona Reunion in Prescott, AZ.

In other instances, Tim has had the privilege of being the Guest of Honor and Parade Reviewing Officer at five separate events: the graduation ceremonies at MCRD in San Diego, CA, in 2013 and 2015, and at MCRD in Parris Island, SC, in 2013; and at the formal Sunset Parade in Washington, D.C., in 2013; and at the formal Evening Parade in Washington, D.C., in 2017.

Tim was the 2012 recipient of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation’s “The John A. Lejeune Award for Exemplary Leadership”; and in 2013, he was presented the “Semper Fidelis Award” by the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. In 2014, Tim was honored with a plaque on Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial in La Jolla, CA, for his service to our country.  And during Marine Week in Phoenix, AZ, in 2015, he was presented with the “Chesty Puller Recruit Company Honor Graduate Award” by the Marine Corps Association & Foundation.

For a complete list of Tim’s recognitions – see the section on Tim’s Honors, Awards and Community Service.