Realizing a Vision

CEO and President, Bar-S Foods Co., 1995

Over time Bar-S grew into an industry leader and one of the largest privately held companies in Arizona by pursuing a strategy that emphasized clear vision, focused efforts, and a strong foundation. All employees had a clear vision of the future – a vision of becoming the recognized Premier Company and the Value Leader in the processed meat industry on a national and international basis. People focused efforts on further increasing the value provided to the marketplace by raising the quality of products and services while lowering their costs. And, a strong foundation was built on excelling in the basics and relentlessly pursuing continuous improvement in teamwork, customer relationships, high quality, superior service, and low cost.

By consistently implementing this strategy over a long period of time, Bar-S developed a wide range of competitive advantages that included having: a lean, responsive, and action oriented organization; world class production and distribution facilities with unmatched output, efficiency, and cleanliness; a well-trained and highly productive workforce; close relationships with customers; advanced technological capabilities; a unique organizational commitment to quality and customer satisfaction; a united and spirited team effort; a powerful brand with great market acceptance; and a sound financial position with minimum indebtedness. These competitive advantages created the ability to provide real value to the marketplace by delivering an unequaled combination of high quality products, superior service, and responsive support – all on a very cost effective basis. As a result, Bar-S earned the respect of its customers and the loyalty of millions of consumers; achieved rapid growth and unprecedented expansion into new geographic markets; moved to the forefront of the industry as the Value Leader; and produced superior financial performance.

In the face of the worst recession since the Great Depression, Bar-S performed magnificently in 2009 producing all-time record sales volume and profitability. By that time, the Company had annual sales well over $500 million and was the second biggest processed meat brand in the U.S. with large national market shares – 25% of the hot dog market; 20% of the corn dog market; 12% of the sliced luncheon meat market; and somewhat lessor shares of the bacon and smoked sausage markets. Further, Bar-S had the most modern complex of production and distribution facilities in the industry; a strong and decisive management team; pre-tax profitability of about $50 million per year; and reflecting many years of prudent management, a fortress-like balance sheet that boasted almost $100 million of surplus cash and virtually no indebtedness.