Our Mission

The Timothy T. Day Foundation was incorporated on May 9, 1997 in the State of Arizona.   Its Mission is to support organizations and activities that:

  • Provide support to Marines and the United States Marine Corps by preserving and promulgating the history, traditions and culture of the Marine Corps;  honoring the memory of fallen Marines; offering care, comfort, and aid to Marine veterans and their families, particularly those Marines either wounded or killed in combat; and educating Marines through fellowships at Harvard Business School and other programs to prepare them for high-level responsibilities and to foster their entrepreneurial spirits;
  • Provide support for animal welfare organizations that help rescue abused and abandoned dogs;
  • Educate, foster, and develop entrepreneurs with sound values who will strengthen the community and nation through pursuit of economic success while maintaining statesmanlike conduct to causes larger than their own personal self‑interest;
  • Promote limited government, economic freedom, and individual responsibility; and
  • Improve facilities or programs at educational institutions attended by family members, particularly those that enhance physical fitness or entrepreneurial studies.